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The holiday season is fast approaching. To keep it from completely sneaking up on you, we've compiled a mini list of gift ideas to give your special someone.

Nookii Bare: the cutest idea to bare it all. This little guy comes equipped with a messenger style pouch and 7 cheeky cards. When you've done all the suggestions, think of all the other things you can stash in his little pouch!

Betty Beauty: Hair color for the hair down there. Get festive for the holidays by changing the color of the carpets! A BE special - we are throwing in 2 random Charmcils with each Betty Beauty purchase.

Chocolate Tattoo set or Chocolate Passion Powder: These new products by Chocoholics give new meaning to "Dessert is served!" Leave edible messages in all the right places with the tattoo set or dust a trail with the passion powder. The best part? You'll burn off any calories you might be consuming as you play!

Candles: Allume Moi, Bwarm or Sex Kitten massage candles. We have three brands to choose from and all have their specialties. Allume Moi by Fun Factory is all natural and comes packaged in a glass jar for burning. The oils used have a very low burn point and are luxurious on the skin. Bwarm by Bswish has a specially designed container made for pouring. The massage oil is very moisturizing and absorbs slowly into the skin. Sex Kitten candles come packaged in travel tins and are flavored as well as scented, making massage a tasty experience.

All items listed above are available at Boudoir Essentials for $25 or under. Use coupon code THANKFUL before November 23rd, 2008 to get additional discounts!
You've purchased the item that gives you all the excitement you can handle and you dare not throw it into the some common drawer to be lost. What do to?

There are several sex toy storage options available at Boudoir Essentials - find the one right for you.


Looking for a great way to keep your private objects private? Put a ToiBocks in your boudoir! This cherry wood, velvet lined container, disguised as a jewelry box holds your more mentionable valuables in the top tray and hides your more personal valuables in the bottom. A magnetic lock secures the tray from prying eyes. The "key" is cleverly disguised as the maker's brand and stored under the lid so you won't lose it. Perfect for anyone who shares their home but doesn't wish to share their toys.


An equally clever cousin to the Toibocks, the ToiTissue is a multi-function item. Kleenex is stored up top and a hidden compartment slides out to reveal a velvet lined tray for storing your favorite vibe. The ToiTissue does not lock, but it looks so harmless that unless you know what you are looking for, you are not likely to find the tray.

Devine Toy Box

This locking, satin lined box is a delight to the eyes. There are two styles avilable at Boudoir Essentials, pink hearts or urban black. These cases are great for bedside storage that dresses up your decor.

Sex Kitten Storage Pillow

This darling pillow is soft furry black on the outside and when you open it up, it is dramatically light pink satin on the inside. We think the opening is very suggestively sexy, and when zipped up it's very discretely hush-hush. The 12"x12" stash will securely - and decoratively - hold several of your favorite toys, books, condoms, lubes, and extra batteries all in one snuggly spot.

Sugar Sak

New to Boudoir Essentials is the Sugar Sak! Available in Black, Pink and Red and in sizes Large (Black & Red) and X-Large (Hot Pink), these saks have a satin exterior and lint free lined interior. The interior is also coated with Bioshield 75 - an exclusive, invisible EPA approved coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, mildrew, yeast and viruses in the bag. The Bioshield 75 protects up to 50 washes! (Yes, it is WASHABLE!)

With all of these wonderful choices, how can you settle for anything less?
In the past week we have added a few new items to the boutique. There is the SaSi, the WeVibe and a couple of new flavors (chocolate & cherry) under Sex Kitten Massage Candles.

A few weeks back we got a box in that literally had me grinning at the sight of it. Fresh from France, Maison Close. This luxury line of lingerie and accessories is stunning. It really looks as good in person as the photos suggest.

Le Petit Lecon - to help tame those unruly passions. This wooden ruler is in metric and the silky tassel at the end reminds you that its not just for measuring.
Les Poignets D'Amour - cuffs made of lace and satin to confine jealous desire. These lacy cuffs are super comfortable and go straight from a night out on the town to a night in the bedroom.
Le Colin Maillard - to dim the sensation of sight is to heighten that of caress. With lace covering the eyes and long strips of satin to tie with, this gorgeous blindfold does not so much blind as heighten the sensation of touch and dress up the wearer.
Les-Suivez-Moi Jeune Homme - Come, chase me and tie me up. Satin ties that beckon to be used and pair well with Le Colin Maillard.
Le Petit Secret - its not naked enough. If you've ever felt overdressed, Le Petit Secret is for you. Made simply of three bands, all the important areas of consideration are accentuated for your lover.
And from the Louisa line, Serra Taille Waist Cincher and thong. Both of these beautiful pieces will heat up the upcoming cold nights. Made of satin , both the waist cincher and thong exhibit the utmost in quality and design. The Louisa thong has a naughty zipper down the middle to make the most chaste garments decidely ...unchaste.

Boudoir Essentials is proud to announce that we are the only US based website to offer Maison Close! This luxury line comes straight from France and each piece is wrapped in tissue paper and boxed, ready for gift giving.

Incognito, anyone?

I've heard buzzing about incognito items lately. And no wonder! They are the best of both worlds - clever undercover vibrators parading about as something else, lipstick perhaps? If this sounds like something on your "must have" list, Boudoir Essentials has you covered!

First on the list is the lipstick vibe. This is the ultimate in travel incognito! It looks just like the perfect shade of magenta complete with cap, but packs a lovely vibrating punch in 2 speeds.

Next up in the category of camouflaged toys is I Rub My Duckie. Made by Big Teaze toys, this duckie is perfect for relaxing in the tub. I Rub My Duckie comes in a few different colors and styles to match any decor. Purple, anyone?

Last, but certainly NEVER least, the vibrating shower scrunchie! Featured in iVillage as a favorite, this scrunchie makes shower time a lot more interesting solo or with a partner.

Purchase any of the above items in the Boudoir Essentials Boutique and receive 10% off by entering coupon code SAVVY (Good till Oct. 15th) at checkout!

Sasi Review

Every once in a while something truly innovative emerges in the world of sensual toys. Something that really adds to the market and doesn’t just make minor improvements in shape or function, but is completely different. This is the case with French toy designer JeJoue’s latest product – SaSi. It’s not just another vibe. In fact it’s rather difficult to describe SaSi without showing it to someone.

The item does have a vibration function (it would have been negligent not to include the basics.) But it’s more like a little robotic finger. It’s truly a clitoral stimulator as it essentially “massages” that area with a very natural up-down motion with a little bit of arching and circling. This is the closest we’ve seen to automated cunnilingus. It may even be a useful tool for “demonstrating” to the unlearned what kind of motion is effective, and where. The massaging nub moves underneath an elastic silicone cover stretched over the bottom of the device.

As for the controls, we strongly recommend reading the brief manual included as the controls are fairly intuitive, but they’re also context sensitive and not immediately obvious. On the top of SaSi you’ll find 5 buttons: a middle “start” button and 4 arrows pointing each direction. There are two lights that illuminate to tell you whether SaSi is operating in “Favorites” or “Customize” mode. When you use SaSi in the “Customize” mode it learns what motions you spend the most time on and adds the 5 most common to your “Favorites” for quick access at your whim. The speed of the movement and intensity of vibration are controllable in either mode.

This toy is the most “intelligent” we’ve seen so far as it actually makes an effort to “learn” about its user. If only it would take out the trash and do the dishes! SaSi is not waterproof, so do not take it in the shower or tub. We’re excited to welcome SaSi as one of our finest luxury items. Boudoir Essentials carries SaSi in three colors - Pink, Purple and Black so that you can choose the color best suited for you.