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Chocolate Tattoos Anyone?

Guest Review of Chocoholics Edible Tattoo set. Enjoy!

We are busy, busy parents. Which means that when we first opened the chocolate tattoo kit, my husband lifted out the container of body frosting and joked about the birthday cupcakes that were due in our son's class. "A real time-saver!" he said, and then pantomimed dipping a knife in the jar.

We joked about it, in fact, for weeks. Because I just couldn't bring myself to open it. With kids at home, the thought of doing an extra load of laundry because our sheets are smeared with frosting is kind of unimaginable. As is the idea of little footsteps arriving to find a parent covered, nakedly, in chocolate. "Oh, hey sweetie! This fondue just totally got away from us…" But then, well, my husband's sweet tooth got the better of us one night--and we had a really, really good time with the body frosting.

Let me say here: it's not that we used the kit exactly as intended. It became immediately apparent, for example, that the stencils were designed with somebody's taut, young skin in mind. So when my husband tried to brush chocolate over the word "hot," he ended up with a series of illegible blobs--deliciously illegible, of course. We were totally cracking each other up, imaging the twenty-year-olds covering each other's firm, hairless bodies with graffiti in praise of youth: "Your abs are so tight!" But still: even if you abandon the stencils, as we did, there is no getting around the fun of brushing your lover with chocolate and licking it off. It is silly at first, but then exciting. It's the novelty that gets you halfway there, and the deep thrill that takes you home. We had a really, really good time with the body frosting.

And yes, it was messy. Our kitten and kids climbed into bed with us in the morning, and the ten-year-old said, "Um, Mom?" and pointed to a long brown streak halfway down the bed. "Oh," I said. "It's not what you think." But then what could I say? "Ask me when you're 16," I said. "I promise I'll tell you."