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Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd and there are several ways to make sex more eco-friendly.

Boudoir Essentials sells several rechargeable toys- the WeVibe, the Lelo line, and several items from Fun Factory. The great thing about rechargeables is that you never have to purchase batteries. Simply plug them in, charge and go! Lelo's Nea and Gigi are popular sellers and come in a variety of colors.

The WeVibe is an amazing couple's toy that is made to be worn during intercourse. It is waterproof, made of body-friendly silicone and with the new version 2, has multiple speeds. This little toy is well worth the price tag!

Fun Factory's Sinnflut is a full size innie that rests in a cradle to recharge. The base can remain plugged in so that it is always ready to go.

And one more...

In addition to the rechargeables listed above we also sell the Earth Angel. This basic dildo runs off of human power. Just crank the base to charge the unit and away you go! Earth Angel is the perfect camping accessory and fits great in emergency kits such as hurricane kits, earthquake kits, etc. Anytime you are concerned about a lack of power, Earth Angel is the perfect "go-to" toy.

What are your favorite Eco-friendly toys?

4th Annual Kissing Contest!

It's that time again! Time to grab the camera and snap a photo of you and your partner in the most romantic kiss ever. Then upload it here and enter to win cupid's prize stash.

Tell all your friends! This contest is open to everyone until it ends at midnight Feb 13th. Winners will be announced on Feb 14th via email.

Chocolate Tattoos Anyone?

Guest Review of Chocoholics Edible Tattoo set. Enjoy!

We are busy, busy parents. Which means that when we first opened the chocolate tattoo kit, my husband lifted out the container of body frosting and joked about the birthday cupcakes that were due in our son's class. "A real time-saver!" he said, and then pantomimed dipping a knife in the jar.

We joked about it, in fact, for weeks. Because I just couldn't bring myself to open it. With kids at home, the thought of doing an extra load of laundry because our sheets are smeared with frosting is kind of unimaginable. As is the idea of little footsteps arriving to find a parent covered, nakedly, in chocolate. "Oh, hey sweetie! This fondue just totally got away from us…" But then, well, my husband's sweet tooth got the better of us one night--and we had a really, really good time with the body frosting.

Let me say here: it's not that we used the kit exactly as intended. It became immediately apparent, for example, that the stencils were designed with somebody's taut, young skin in mind. So when my husband tried to brush chocolate over the word "hot," he ended up with a series of illegible blobs--deliciously illegible, of course. We were totally cracking each other up, imaging the twenty-year-olds covering each other's firm, hairless bodies with graffiti in praise of youth: "Your abs are so tight!" But still: even if you abandon the stencils, as we did, there is no getting around the fun of brushing your lover with chocolate and licking it off. It is silly at first, but then exciting. It's the novelty that gets you halfway there, and the deep thrill that takes you home. We had a really, really good time with the body frosting.

And yes, it was messy. Our kitten and kids climbed into bed with us in the morning, and the ten-year-old said, "Um, Mom?" and pointed to a long brown streak halfway down the bed. "Oh," I said. "It's not what you think." But then what could I say? "Ask me when you're 16," I said. "I promise I'll tell you."

Product Review!

A new review from our favorite anonymous sexy mama!

It was time to try the Amazing Hot Heart Massager and the Intimate Organics Sensual Massage Balm--but who would get the first turn? "Raise your hand if you're a massage therapist," I said, and my husband, who is a massage therapist, laughed and lit a candle.

Now, I have to say, if you're planning a sensual experience with your partner, then you should actually test the Hot Heart beforehand. Because it is so cool that it's actually distractingly cool. It's a pink-gel-filled vinyl heart--it looks like a romantic ice pack--only when you flex the little metal disk inside of it, the surrounding gel turns white and hard and then these crystals spread, as you watch, to the edges of the heart. It's like a stop-action film of an ice age coming, only in reverse. And there we were, naked in the glow of the candlelight, sitting up to say, "That's so cool!" and "Wow, let me see!" I honestly can't imagine how it works. (Afterwards, you boil it in water and it returns to its cool liquidyness, ready for the next use.)

Anyways, once we got over the Chemistry-101-ness of it, we could concentrate on the job at hand, which was pleasure. Now I will say that I had wondered about this massager. Products from sexy stores that are called "massagers" often turn out to be things you're supposed to stick in here or there or put batteries into, and so I didn't want to be stupid about the Hot Heart and miss out on any of its sexier applications. But I am under the impression that it is a massager in the more traditional sense, kind of like hot stones. (Please--someone correct me if I'm wrong. I'll be embarrassed but glad to know.) My husband laid the Hot Heart on the small of my back, where I enjoyed its delicious warmth, while he scooped up some of the buttery massage balm.

Now, again, the distraction factor kicked in for me. We'd gotten the Sensual Cocoa Bean and Goji Berry fragrance, and holy moly--it smells incredibly edible (it's not). But also like something I couldn't quite put my finger on. In second grade I once had a berry lip gloss that came in a little chocolate-shaped pot, and it smelled kind of like that. Also, it suddenly occurred to me, like these Joyva chocolate-covered Raspberry Jelly Rings that we used to get as kids. This was not the sexiest association--despite the name "Jelly Rings"--and so I kept it to myself.

The combination of the Hot Heart, which my husband slid around from spot to spot, and the absolutely delicious fragrance of the balm was divine. My husband's professional opinion was that the balm was a great product: rich and buttery and perfect. And unprofessional me, lying there in a cloud of cake-scented warmth? I could not have been happier. Or more open to his ideas. The kind of ideas that a professional massage therapist doesn't usually think to share with you.

Updates at BE

It has been a hot and steamy summer here at Boudoir Essentials. From a few new products to heat up the already toasty evenings, to titillating research on the science of orgasm, we've been busy behind the scenes.

In our search for useful and fascinating information to pass along, we came across this lovely little morsel:

If you are not already aware of the TED conference, more can be found here.

Check out our newest items!

Smut Volume 2 by Nerve.com is ready for your reading pleasure. Packed with stories and photos to get your heart racing, this newest volume is sure to please.

Passport to Pleasure is designed to bring a 'Round the World experience to your bedroom! Each seduction is sealed to surprise both you and your lover.

Sextivity is our newest game by Lover's Choice. With 36 different activities ranging from Mild to Wild, you can choose the adventure that tickles your fancy.

Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list! Email only specials are sent out approximately every 2 weeks. Sign up here.

Kissing Contest Winners Announnced!

And the Winner Is.....

Miracole + Chris

Who made their romantic smooth a black tie affair!

Runner Up: Kim + Jo

You are all winners in our book of love!
Click here to see all the romantics who entered this year's contest.

Contest brought to you by Lelo, We Vibe, ToiBocks, Lucy B, Just In Case, Big Teaze Toys, OhMiBod & Boudoir Essentials

Our 3rd Annual Kissing Contest is up and ready for your photos! Click here to see the rules and where to upload. This contest runs from now until Midnight, Feb 13th with the winners announced via email on Feb 14th, Valentine's Day.

Not only will the happy couple get bragging rights for the year on having the most romantic photo on the web, they will also get a stash of prizes to make even cupid swoon!

Sponsored by Lelo, We-Vibe, Lucy B, Just In Case and others, you'll have enough to keep the home fires burning well into spring!

And to help cupid along we are offering Free Priority Mail shipping for orders over $50. Just enter coupon code VDAY at checkout. Good through 3/01/09.

Choose Your Savings!

Choose your Savings for the Holidays!

10% off orders $100 or more
(Use coupon code 10Holiday)

15% off orders $150 or more
(Use coupon code 15Holiday)

20% off orders $200 or more
(Use coupon code 20Holiday)

Good for orders through December 15, 2008. May not be used with other offers.

We've been a little busy in the Boudoir Essentials Lounge - Thanksgiving is right around the corner and behind it, the official start to the holiday season. New items are still going online weekly, new kits and gift ideas will be posted soon and we still need to find some chestnuts to roast on an open fire.

Thankfully we did have time to stage a fabulous photo shoot with our new cover girl, Kim. She was gracious enough to pose with the Candy Cane by Don Wands. The Candy Cane is now for sale in the boutique. Made of the same glass as Pyrex, it will hold heat or cold and is non-porous. A perfect gift, it comes in a cute red pouch ready for giving!

Fusion Photography out of Panama City Beach did the photography, make-up and hair.

The holiday season is fast approaching. To keep it from completely sneaking up on you, we've compiled a mini list of gift ideas to give your special someone.

Nookii Bare: the cutest idea to bare it all. This little guy comes equipped with a messenger style pouch and 7 cheeky cards. When you've done all the suggestions, think of all the other things you can stash in his little pouch!

Betty Beauty: Hair color for the hair down there. Get festive for the holidays by changing the color of the carpets! A BE special - we are throwing in 2 random Charmcils with each Betty Beauty purchase.

Chocolate Tattoo set or Chocolate Passion Powder: These new products by Chocoholics give new meaning to "Dessert is served!" Leave edible messages in all the right places with the tattoo set or dust a trail with the passion powder. The best part? You'll burn off any calories you might be consuming as you play!

Candles: Allume Moi, Bwarm or Sex Kitten massage candles. We have three brands to choose from and all have their specialties. Allume Moi by Fun Factory is all natural and comes packaged in a glass jar for burning. The oils used have a very low burn point and are luxurious on the skin. Bwarm by Bswish has a specially designed container made for pouring. The massage oil is very moisturizing and absorbs slowly into the skin. Sex Kitten candles come packaged in travel tins and are flavored as well as scented, making massage a tasty experience.

All items listed above are available at Boudoir Essentials for $25 or under. Use coupon code THANKFUL before November 23rd, 2008 to get additional discounts!